Abstract & Paper Submission

Please note that the manuscripts submitted for publication must contain original work which has been neither previously published, nor under consideration by another journal.

All submissions should adhere to the guidelines of paper submission given in the following links:


Paper Submission Guidelines


Paper format for refereed Proceedings of 3rd MEC TESOL Conference 2023


Guidelines for citation and referencing


Abstract submission deadline is 31st January 2023.


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Abstract Submission Guidelines:
Please make sure that your abstract must adhere to the following points:

  1. The abstract should allow readers to quickly review the main points and the purpose of the study.
  2. The main findings of the study, limitations, its significance/contribution to the field of knowledge, and implications for further studies must be stated.
  3. The abstracts of papers based on empirical research must also clearly state the methodology that the researcher followed in his/her research (number of participants, type of research, quantitative, qualitative or mixed), methods of data collection, and data analysis along with other points.
  4. All the points should be stated in a very concise manner.
  5. The world limit is 250-300 words.
  6. The topic of your paper must be related to the themes of the conference.
  7. The workshop abstracts should cover the objectives, major techniques/ tips which will be demonstrated and their significance in knowledge acquisition or skill development.


Full paper submission:

Paper submission link will be sent to the authors whose abstract has been accepted.