Programme Schedule


DOWNLOAD the Session Details from here.


DOWNLOAD Programme Schedule from here.


Guidelines for Presenters

  • Each presentation is restricted to 20 minutes including the question and answer session.
  • Do start and end the presentation on time since the sessions are scheduled consecutively.
    The session chair will introduce the presenter to the audience.
    Presenters will be notified five minutes and then two minutes before the time is up.
  • Please send the presentation slides, latest by 11th March, 2023 via email to


For online presenters

  • Please join the live session (using the link given for your presentation session) 30 minutes prior to your presentation.
  • The session chair will enable the ‘presenter access’ feature on MS Teams.
  • Questions from the audience will be displayed in the chat box.
  • At the end of the presentation, choose a few relevant questions to answer.

Good Luck!