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2nd MEC Open

Transform Challenges into Solution

مركز الطالب MEC

11:00 ص

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يُعد خريجو الكلية من بين المرشحين
الأكثر تفضيلًا من قبل المؤسسات للتوظيف في سلطنة عُمان

(المجلة الاقتصادية العمانية 2023)

مُعتمدة بالكامل مع أعلى تصنيف في معياري جودة التدريس والأداء
البحثي في سلطنة عُمان

Challenge Tracks

The first edition of MECKATHON ITHCA 2022 proved to be extremely successful in promoting the talent and compete with the best minds in oman.

  1. Gaming and Entertainment:
    Challenge your creative mind to conceptualize and develop unique games based on a young mindset.
  2. Renewable/Sustainable Energy:
    Innovative ideas that help to manage and generate renewable/sustainable sources more efficiently.
  3. Transportation and logistics:
    Ideas to address the growing pressures on the Muscat City resources, transport networks and logistic infrastructure.
  4. Disaster Management:
    Ideas related to planning and management before, after and during a disaster, risk mitigation.
  5. Tourism:
    A solution/ Idea that can boost the current situation of the tourism industry including hotels, travel and others.
  6. Blockchain and Cybersecurit:
    Provide ideas in a decentralized and distributed ledger technology used to store digital information that powers cryptocurrencies and NFT’s and can radically change multiple sectors
  7. Open Innovation:
    Create intelligent devices with recent trends in technology.
  8. Fintech and E-Commerce:
    Challenges related to Finance and e-commerce Industry.
  9. Heritage and Culture:
    Ideas that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Oman and its traditions.
  10. Robotics and Drones:
    There is a need to design drones and robots that can solve some of the pressing challenges of oman such as handling medical emergencies, search and rescue operations.
  11. Clean and Green Technology:
    Solutions that should be in the form of waste segregation, disposal and improve sanitization system.
  12. Social Impact and Sustainability
  13. Technology and Software Development
  14. Health and Wellness
  15. Security and Cloud



Registrations Open for Idea submissions  April 1-30, 2024
Registrations and Submission close May 1st 2024 
Idea Evaluation by Jury May 215, 2024 
Announcement of Results (Final List in Batches) May 15-20, 2024 
Training of Finalist Batches May 2025, 2024 
Grand Finale of the Hackathon (Software Edition) May 26, 2024
Grand Finale of the Hackathon (Hardware Edition) May 27, 2024

Benefits of Hack N Solve’24

  1. Networking Opportunities

    Connect with industry experts, mentors, and like-minded peers to expand your professional network.

  2. Skill Enhancement

    Sharpen your technical skills through workshops, mentorship sessions, and hands-on experience

  3. Resume Boost

    Highlight your participation in this prestigious hackathon on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

  4. Access to Cutting-edge Tools

    Gain exclusive access to tools, APIs, and resources from our event partners

  5. فرص الحياة المهنية

     Showcase your talent to potential employers and open doors to exciting career opportunities


Dr. Saleh Al Shaaibi, Dean, Middle East College


Dr. Alya Al Farsi, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Ahmed Nawaz Hakro, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation


Organizing Committee:

Mr. Jitendra Pandey, Asst. Head of Computing and Electronics department

Dr. Ram Kishore Manchiryal, HoD, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Ezzat Saad, H.O.D, Department of Archives record and Management

Dr Vijay Kumar Srinivasan, Asst. Head, Department of Business studies

Dr Samia Naqvi, Head of Department, Centre for Foundation studies

Dr. Jayakumari, Associate Professor, Department of Computing and Electronics


Technical Program Committee (TPC, Reviewers):

Dr. Shaik Asif Hussain

Dr. Jayakumari C

Dr. Mohammed Abushammala

Dr. Mahmoud Dawood

Dr. Vidhya Lavanya

Dr. Smitha Sunil

Dr. Vijay Srinivasan

Dr. Deena Roy

Dr. Maria Teresa

Dr. Anjum

Dr. Vikas Rao

Dr. Ali Abbas

Dr. Mohammed Basheer

Dr. Mazhar Hussain Shaik

واحة المعرفة مسقط
صندوق البريد رقم: 79, الرسيل
الرمز البريدي: 124
سلطنة عمان
تحويل التعليم من أجل
عالم العمل

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