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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.  What are the aspects that are considered for registering the patent invention?

Patent Invention is considered only if it satisfies the following aspects

a) Novelty: The work invented must be original and new and it should not have been practiced before or disclosed by any others applicant in the world.

b) Non-obvious: The work should be an extraordinary skill in research

c) Industry application: The work should be involved in industry use and carried out in a real time application.

2. How long time does the patent last with the inventor?

If the patent relates utility then it lasts for 20 years period from filing application

3. Assume that I have a very novel invention and want to register it, what is the first step that I should do?

The first step is to not disclose the work in public and visit to technology transfer office at MEC and they will assist you in completing the formalities to protect your invention and also from other public disclosure.

4. What is the procedure involved to register my inventions? How much time it will take to process further?

First you can download a disclosure form of IP and complete that and send it to Technology Transfer office at

After we receive your application, a pre review will take place at the college with a meeting with review team to further discuss about the invention and search in database as well

Once the review is complete and if it is patentable subject matter then further details are asked from inventor and it is outsourced to attorney general who will help in writing the terms and conditions for disclosing the technology and then it is registered with Ministry of commerce and later it is discussed how to commercialize the application and help the inventor in providing the best strategies to license with the industry. This process takes almost one year.

5. What are the useful resources and where can I find the further details of patents in other countries

There are many sites for different countries but to name few are

1. U.S patent and trademark office (USPTO)

2. Association of university of technology managers (AUTM)

3. World intellectual property organization (WIPO)

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