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Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Students

Entrepreneurship is no longer about “what” but rather “how”.  It’s not about what makes you passionate, but how you will stay passionate; not what plan you have, but how you will follow it; not what problem you solve, but how you will solve it; and not what idea you have, but how you will achieve it. This is because in a world that looks more virtual today than yesterday, unleashing the entrepreneur within has become far more feasible than not, and the right tools used to do so are as accessible and impactful in the educational system as they are not necessarily outside of it.

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit starts by prioritising student inclusivity equally in thought and practice. Enhancing entrepreneurship education and awareness can contribute to considerable economic development, raising employment, innovation, and wealth generation for a nation. A teaching methodology towards fostering such a spirit becomes relevant and likewise effective. While entrepreneurship is often believed to be restricted to the business mind, an entrepreneur is not. This is why a current approach taken in higher education is towards encouraging active innovation and technology thought through collaboration and competition, as innovation strives from those learning and developing technology as opposed to only using it. Platforms which support ideation, incubation to actual implementation are provided as part of curricula and extracurricular activities through events like the Business Meet, Business Summit and MEC Souq at Middle East College.

From future computer scientists to civil or even electronic engineers, entrepreneurship as an educational and scientific phenomenon becomes adequately and necessarily implemented to meet future aspirations like that of Oman’s 2040 vision.

Ultimately, entrepreneurship is no longer just about “who” but certainly “how” too.

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