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Identity and Brand mark

Middle East College Logo

At Middle East College, we have always been inspired by our regional heritage, culture as well as human diversity and capabilities. We have been able to conceive innovative practices by embedding wisdom from across the world with the strong and rich tradition of local knowledge. This philosophy helped us imbibe values of the east along with modernity, becoming the cornerstone of this continually improving learning organisation. 

We believe that creativity could be expressed in diverse forms – in the way we teach, in the way we learn and in the way we conduct ourselves in different walks of life. Our logo is an applied visual expression of our philosophy. The logo draws on a seemingly simple geometric shape popular in the Middle East and conveys profound meanings and implications of rich regional history, human learning, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Commerce, Art, Design, and modernity. By building on a regional creative manifestation, we are becoming part of the long tradition of human reflection, learning and extending knowledge.

Middle East College Logo

The wheel in itself is an outstanding expression of human creativity and as a logo it reinforces our commitment to national progress and human development. The original geometric shape is part of a pattern of similar or diverse shapes, which highlights the quest for unity, harmony, and continuum. While the orange colour on the logo highlights assertiveness, enthusiasm, and inspiration, blue reminds us of the sky and sea and symbolises serenity, knowledge, and vastness.

The choice of a simple geometric shape is intentional. True to our vision, it is our earnest desire that our logo is continuously reinterpreted providing new perspectives and energy for our future endeavors. 

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