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Life at Middle East College: My Favorite Three Moments – Aflah Al Suqri

I’m Aflah Salim Sulaiman Al Suqri , a Bachelor’s student in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Now that my experience at Middle East College is soon to end, I wanted to summarise some of my favourite moments here, even though there are so many more to share. The global pandemic hindered some of my experience there, but I still have some memorable moments that have significantly enriched it.

Moments of bliss on campus

The daily dose of exercise at the gym in the student hub, the fresh air and the scenic views of the Ibn Rushd Building (IBR) with high-class infrastructure for students in the student hub are the defining moments of my time at MEC, which define my highlight of every day. It was a wonderful climate in Rusayl throughout my time at Middle East College, with frequent rains and plenty of fresh air. Studying with my co-mates in the student lounges and food court left a lasting impression.

My second home is at the Ibn Rushd Building (IBR)

In class, I liked the classroom facilities and the building with a very aesthetically pleasing dynamic infrastructure. I enjoyed my private space to chill out with friends in the Poesia café on the ground floor. It was very comfortable having classes in a building surrounded by professors and printers to get feedback on my work, and it has helped me a lot.  The prayer room has a special connection to my inner peace so that I can stay confident, calm, and bold in the building.

Meeting my team

I’m lucky to have lifetime friends who have made me passionate about learning new languages and exchanging ideas. It’s fun to try different foods at the three canteens. All in all, focusing on these languages throughout the year was the perfect distraction from academics and a way to enrich my college experience. My favourite memories of my classmates are closely tied together. I’m most happy when we’re working on assignments together. I loved the coffee and energy drinks I had while finishing work.

This legacy will last a lifetime, so I’m more at ease leaving it behind.

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