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Taif Al Zedjali: I graduated from the best college!

On the graduation day, we have mixed feelings to tell our story since we first entered college and finally became MEC graduates. This story represents our unforgettable experience and these are the best days of our lives!
I always remember the first year when I started my study here at MEC. Those days were filled with excitement and challenges. When I first heard about my specialization, I wondered, what was the future of logistics management and would there be opportunities in the job market?
Over the years, I began to understand that nothing is impossible for those who work hard and do their best to achieve their dreams. And I did it! I was able to overcome all the challenges and earn my graduation from this prestigious college. I have waited so long for this day to come and finally we are here, reaping the benefits of our hard work! 
Now, I can say it aloud: “I graduated from the best college. I became the first Logistics specialist in my family!”

Taif Al Zedjali, Bachelor of Business Information Systems (Supply Chain and Logistics management)




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