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Tips to stay engaged and be super-productive during Covid-19- Eiman Sandhu

The effects of Covid-19 are being felt across the globe. To keep themselves secure from this seriously contagious pandemic, most people have quarantined themselves at home. Doing so is expected to minimise the spread of virus, therefore saving more lives. For many of us who are in self-isolation, it seems like the coronavirus has put the world on hold and we still have to wait for the release from our temporary state of isolation.

With so much uncertainty about when you will get out of your house again safely, you may wonder “What am I going to do with myself?!” 

Whether you are watching the news on repeat, worrying about what’s to come next or scrolling through social media only to find coronavirus-related memes and posts, there are lots of other things you can do to divert your attention elsewhere and to make yourself more employable during the coronavirus lockdown. 

For those who are uncertain about their future, here is the chance to use this time in furlough to invest in personal growth and learning relevant new skills. Surely it can help them maintain their confidence and motivation up and high.

With access to various resources at your fingertips, such as webinars, workshops and even online learning options,  it won’t be that difficult to avail those opportunities.. With the help of such resources, you can dedicate valuable time to learn new career skills from home! 

As this pandemic has compelled everyone inside the walls of their houses for an uncertain period, now is the time to step yourself up in the world of online learning. Enrol in some free online courses like I did. This is the time to learn an entirely new skill that could benefit your career and give that invaluable boost to your CV. 

Keeping this in mind, I took some online courses related to my interests. Be it to learn the ancient art of Origami and refining my graphic skills through Adobe photoshop. Whatever it is, NOW is the time to get started

If you’re not entirely sure which skills to focus on first, you may start with the skills you’re lacking or something you have thought about learning before. You may not have this much time on your hands for a long while, so make the most of it while you can! 

Eiman Aslam Sandhu

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