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Transferring to Middle East College was and still is my best decision!

During my study in another college, one of my friends told me about Middle East College and how it is an amazing, nurturing, and extraordinary institution for those looking to achieve more and levelled up their education and knowledge. We talked about the special and unique teaching and learning methods used at MEC and how it helps in making the education quality in the college even better! My friend specialises in the Logistics Management programme and currently enjoying a wonderful training experience in one of the biggest Logistics companies. So, we talked more about this specialisation and how important it is for the future of Oman as it is a part of the Oman Vision 2040.

MEC provides plenty of opportunities for its students to enrich their knowledge and strengthen their skills in Logistics Management, like the training programmes, various events, and networking opportunities to meet and interact with industry experts and professionals. All this comes as part of the course plan of the Logistics Management programme in the college.  

I had many ideas in my mind, and it was a very strong decision that I had to make to transfer from a governmental college to a private one! Yet I was confident and had this faith that my decision was the right one, so without hesitation; I moved to MEC to pursue my bachelor’s degree study in the Logistics Management programme.

I was amazed by the enriching campus and the beautiful buildings, which are named after famous Arabic intellectuals and Scientists. I also liked that the students are given the opportunity from their first year in the college to participate in the research, educational conferences, and competitions and that they are winning prizes in the research area, especially since the college has high ratings in the Teaching Quality and Research Performance in the Institutional Accreditation. 

Moving to MEC gave me a sense of belonging and that every college member is part of my own family. Apart from my studies, I spent time participating in various events and activities organised by the college, which helped me strengthen and sharpen my skills and build an assertive personality, Anas! I remember the day when the supervisor of the Art, Culture, and Photography Society sent me a message saying that I was selected to be a part of the Media Centre for the Annual Graduation Ceremony of the batch of 2021, and I immediately started thinking of ideas to capture the best photos to make them a beautiful memory of that prestigious day for every graduate, and it was the most beautiful experience for me. After that, I was selected many times to participate and present the college in different exhibitions, and that is when I seriously noticed that MEC was the only college allowing its students to participate in the exhibitions, which shows how strong the college trusts its students and provides us with opportunities to be leaders!


Finally, I am happy to be part of an accredited educational institution that achieved high ratings in Teaching Quality and Research Performance. I will always be proud to hold the message of the college wherever I go and to serve Oman as best as I can.


Anas Al Busaidi 

A student in the Logistics Management programme.



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