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Zahra Al Yaarubi: Proud of winning the Best Project Award for my live project in Electronics and Telecommunication!

I am extremely proud of winning the Best Project Award for my live project in the Electronics and Telecommunication programme. Such a recognition has motivated me to do more research in my field and come up with creative and innovative ideas that will benefit the country.
The idea for the project came from my own observations of marine pollution caused by red tide phenomenon and its remnants. After talking to many experts in the field of marine life and its issues in the Scientific Research Council, I realized the importance of doing such a project, and began to investigate further. The purpose of my research project was to find ways to eliminate marine pollution, caused by the red tide or any other pollution that might affect marine life. 
As we know, water contains many substances that are harmful to health. Water pollution could be reduced if we have monitoring systems to check the quality of water.  The aim of the project is to create a monitoring system to check the water quality which could solve some of the problems caused by pollution or misuse of water resources. Additionally, the system also collects data about water contamination and sends an alert to the authorities concerned about the regional water quality level in Oman so as to take the necessary precautions. 
Water Monitoring System and how it works: The innovative device contains different sensors that are used to measure the chemical and physical water parameters such as temperature, salinity and chlorophyll ratio in water. The measured values of the sensors are then processed by the microcontroller. The microcontroller analyzes and processes the data and compares it with the water parameters in its natural state which is stored in the memory of the device and in the case of any detection of pollutants, the data is sent to relevant authorities such as the Middle East Center for Desalination. The device can detect pollutants that affect the water or any changes that happen to the color or chemical or physical composition of the water and it is also configured to send alerts or warning signals to the pollution control board. Thus the sensors in the system can accurately measure the chemical and physical water parameters such as the temperature, salinity, and chlorophyll. Then, the values that are measured from the several sensors will be processed by the microcontroller. Likewise, the microcontroller will analyze and process the data received from the sensors. Finally, the information can be viewed online and the data is sent to the water board authorities. 
The water monitoring system can also help protect the marine organisms and prevent the risks that the marine regions could face.

Zahra Harib Al Yaarubi
Studied Electronics and Communications programme at MEC


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