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From Classroom to Career: How Middle East College’s Learning opportunities and Career Support helped me land my dream career

Immediately after graduating from Middle East College, I landed my dream job because of its excellent career support, teaching, internship and learning experiential opportunities, and research, to name a few.

As a recent graduate of the Quantity Surveying and Construction Management programme at Middle East College (MEC), I am excited to share my journey and the valuable experiences that have helped me become a successful Procurement Engineer. Throughout my time at MEC, I received commendable support from the faculty of The Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, which provided me with experiential learning opportunities such as training, site visits, and guest lectures. These experiences helped improve my employability skills and prepared me for the workforce.

After completing the course, the department offered me an internship opportunity at AL-EZ Trading Transport & Contracting Company in December 2022. The interview process was rigorous, but with my improved skills and knowledge, I was able to succeed and obtain the internship. During the training period, I put all my efforts and skills into proving myself, which resulted in the company offering me a permanent position as a Procurement Engineer.

I am grateful to the faculty and staff at MEC for their continuous support and guidance throughout my journey. Additionally, I would like to thank the Career Services, Alumni & External Affairs Department for selecting me to participate in the “SELAH” program, which helped me develop my skills in the workplace. The programme was designed for fresh graduates, where we worked closely with an alumni member who worked in a reputed organisation.

My success as a Procurement Engineer would not have been possible without the opportunities and support provided by Middle East College. I am proud to graduate from MEC and receive a high-quality education that has helped me achieve my goals. The skills and knowledge I gained during my time at MEC have been invaluable in my professional development, and I look forward to continuing my growth in my chosen field.

I would like to encourage all students and graduates to take advantage of the opportunities provided by their institutions, such as internships and career development programs. These experiences can help shape their future careers and prepare them for success in the workforce. I am grateful for the support and guidance I received at MEC and would recommend the college to anyone looking for quality education and excellent support to help them achieve their goals.


Quantity Surveying and Construction Management Graduate


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