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Information Technology jobs that are expected to emerge in the next few years worldwide

Author: Samiha Najah


Technology is witnessing a rapid evolution, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak leading to enormous changes in society. Evolving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Data Analytics, Robotics etc. became indispensable in various sectors. These transformations lead to a boost in Information Technology professions and careers. Let us have a look at some of the most popular IT jobs.

Security Professional

Currently, most businesses rely on data, computer systems and networks. Securing business data from cyber threats is becoming more and more essential. Security professionals are now highly demanded to ensure the industry compliance regulations and the company’s software, hardware, data and network. It is expected that $6 Trillion will be spent globally by 2021 on Cybersecurity. This field offers a promising career path for those who decide to choose this trending technology. Currently, the median annual salary reached $100,000, and the number of opening jobs is around 52,337. The roles in this specialization range from ethical hacking, security analyst or engineer to chief security officer. 


Edge Computing Professional

The number of organizations migrating to cloud solutions is continuously increasing. Edge computing can help to solve many problems related to the spread of cloud services. By processing the time-critical data in a centralized location, the latency that can be faced with cloud services can b reduced or neglected and lead to better Internet usage. Indeed, it is expected that the total business in this field will reach up to $6.72 billion by 2022.  


Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning Engineer

According to the Future of Jobs Survey, companies are now looking to introduce more automation and reduce the workforce. There is a high demand for Machine Learning and AI engineers. These jobs are considered the best technology jobs of the future, with a projected growth rate of around 344% in 2021. These jobs are highly required in the field of natural language processing, image recognition, economic forecasting and especially in Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).


Data Scientist 

Robust data analytics is becoming a critical success in today’s business. Hence, the market outlook for data analyst jobs is high. By interpreting the data, these professionals ensure the data accuracy and find the trends related to it and make more enlightened decisions. The median annual salary of a Data Scientist reached 113.000$, and the number of job openings is around 23.996. The skills requirements for a successful career in Data Science range from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Database and Data visualization skills. 


Blockchain Professional

Blockchain is a technology that offers security in various domains, and Bitcoin is only of its applications. Many organizations start to use Blockchain technology to solve complex issues expected to create a big boom in the job market. The number of jobs in this specialization was multiplied 3 times from 2018 to 2019. This increasing demand for Blockchain jobs also resulted in a growth in salaries, currently more than $150,000 per year. The skills required for this job include ledger economy, object-oriented programming and cryptography.


Software Engineer

Software Engineering continues to have an increasing demand in industries driven by Moore’s law, and the growing need for more automation. It is required in various sectors such as retail, business, research, banking, health care, government, etc. The software engineers are responsible for designing, developing and installing software by applying programming skills and engineering principles. The future of this career is very promising with a median annual salary of up to $92,046 and a number of job openings around 107,516. 



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