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Studying at MEC is full of memorable moments!- Karima Al Amri

Studying at Middle East College is full of memorable moments. These include ups and downs, falling and bouncing back again, moments that are full of exam pressure, and of course moments of happiness and accomplishment. 

On the other hand, the faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering was more like students’ friend, a friend who encourages you when you mostly need motivation, a friend who helps you to get over your hard times and achieve your desired goals.  
In addition, college friends have created a very special environment and motivational vibes. We were supporting each other in order to accomplish our tasks and succeed in all our projects. We successfully did the final year project in Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering, it was “Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)”, which mainly focuses on benefiting the environment, and the citizens. It is a project that is open for improvement and further development. I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Anillloy Frank for his support and help throughout my journey.

Middle East College provided me with a lot of chances to participate in internal and external competitions, including “The Forth Update” competition in SQU.  I won the top prize in hardware projects. The competition was very challenging for all of the 30 project presenters from different colleges and universities.

By mentioning this great achievement, I shall also mention my participation in MEC’s “Ideas Marathon” competition, which invited all the colleges and the universities in the country and lasted for four days. Even though I did not win a prize in this competition, I was delighted to participate and represent the college. I had new experiences beyond my engineering experience.

Furthermore, the college announced “TaMECon” competition, to provide the chance for all creative students to impress the visitors by their creative ideas, as well to be discussed with other participants. In this competition, my project won the first place.  

At the end, the joy of the success is all about the effort you have paid for in the past, that’s why I thank MEC staff and faculty for their appreciation and wishes which they have shown me, I couldn’t be able to achieve such records and reach this high without their support.

Graduate: Karima Abdullah Ali Al-Amri
B.Eng. (Hons) Electronics and Telecommunication

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