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Top 5 reasons why Civil Engineering is important for the economic development of the region

Author: Dr. Hussin Yahya

Assistant Professor, PM CPCM, Civil Engineering Department, Middle East College, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Civil Engineering involves the design of structures that improve the quality of life, such as highways, buildings and bridges. Some of the key challenges for engineering in the coming years will be conserving the environment, reducing the use of the precious resources of the planet and finding ways to avert natural disasters.

Whether you’re thinking about going into Civil Engineering or you’re already working in the industry, here are some reasons why Civil Engineering is an important ingredient for the economic development of the region.

  1. Civil Engineering is a rewarding career choice

Civil engineering is one of the top five in-demand engineering jobs of the future and one of the most lucrative career options.

  1. Civil Engineering is one of the creative career options

If you think that creativity can only be found in art, think again! The vast number of different designs for bridges, buildings and other structures illustrate how civil engineers need to be creative and innovative.  

  1. Civil Engineers make the world look beautiful

Civil engineers make the world more liveable by building bridges, road, airports, homes, hospitals, parks, tunnels, stadiums and pretty much everything else one can think of! They strive towards building a developed community.

  1. Civil Engineering promotes team spirit

Civil engineering fosters cooperation and team spirit among engineers. Engineers work in teams to solve real-world problems, so if you’re a team player, it’s the perfect career for you.

  1. Civil engineering is so diverse

 Civil engineering encompasses within its fold many job roles, sectors, skills, and people from varied fields such as Railway Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Building Materials, Project Management, and Structural Design and Hydraulics.


Top 5 reasons why Civil Engineering is important for the economic development of the region


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