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Why a degree in Computer Science with a pathway in Data Analytics is one of the best options for your future career?

Written by: Aparna Agarwal

Data generated by humans and machines is renovating our civilization, finances and policies


Big Data is being treated as an asset of the world.  The capability to harvest significant insights, knowledge and intelligence from data has at no time been getting more importance than today. Big corporates, social media, the public and the private sector organizations all count on the skills of data analysts to help them draw valuable insights from a vast amount of data to boost business. With a formal degree in Computer Science with a pathway in Data Analytics program, you will gain the technical and analytical expertise to make sense of the piles of data available to organizations. A graduate in this discipline can start a career as a data analyst, data scientist, systems developer and systems analyst. So, if you have an analytical approach, are a thinker and enjoy working outside the box, then this is the discipline for you. 
Universities and Colleges across the world have been introducing this discipline in the last few years. Being one pioneer in providing IT education in Oman, Middle East College also offers an Honours programme in Computer Science with a pathway in Data Analytics.

MEC offers a unique learning experience with this programme.
Your journey in this programme will be initiated by introducing you to the concepts of databases, systems, and other analytical tools. This will enable you to gain insight and knowledge of the trends, patterns and their correlations to aid in benefitting the businesses, predicting target customers and making data-informed marketing strategies. You will understand the intricacies of ‘Big Data’, ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Data Mining’. The learning will shape your skills, which would transform your presentation and visualisation skills on your data discoveries. The data analytical skills that you gain will enable you to work in the real-world datasets in the fields of health, cyber security, cosmology, disaster management, etc.

Careers and opportunities
The programme will equip you with skills that will assist you in meeting industry needs and finding a place in the data analytics and deep learning industry, multinational companies and innovation or research centres. You can also set up your own business analytics firm.

Data scientists pursue the data collected from varied sources and then interpret consequences into solutions that might give a twist to the business strategies positively.  Not only this, you will be skilled to deal with Big Data frameworks and interpret findings into contemporary visual analytics. You will explore the innovative techniques in Machine Learning, implementing algorithms on a range of real-world industry-inspired problems. You will further be diving into Deep Learning. This is an area of interest for automations in automobiles, collecting customer patterns on buying and browsing, etc. You will analyse images, videos, speech and text for these applications.

Data Analytics





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