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Why Computer Science with pathways in Computer Science is one of the best options for your future career? 


Computer science is vast, and the graduates are luring prospects when it comes to pursuing a programme in this domain


By: Aparna Agarwal

The world around us is rapidly changing when it comes to the technology used in various life areas. Nowadays, it is infrequent to find a single house, not having a piece of technology. Hence, new and up-to-date academic programmes in Technology and Science are needed to keep up with technological and digital developments to prepare and equip the students to become professionals and specialists in the field. 

Computer Science (CS) with a pathway in Computer Science is a programme that prepares the aspirants with intricate knowledge of the theories and implementations related to computer science, information technology, and its related branches. It prepares learners to seek experience in the field of technology. At the end of the programme, you will find yourself well-versed in programming, algorithms, and Mathematical implementations related to computing. The programme is designed and anticipates to shape up your prospects for higher academic programmes in Computer Science. Suppose you are dreaming about transforming society with the support of science and technology. In that case, this programme will be preparing and assisting you in following your dreams passionately.


What will you learn?

On the Computer Science with a pathway in Computer Science programme, you will be driven to acquire knowledge on the use of advanced computer science and state-of-the-art techniques on the principles and theories in web development, creating and maintaining networks, programming, operating systems, computer architecture, hardware, database. Besides, you will be learning about object-oriented modeling, software quality assurance, artificial intelligence, system project management, cloud computing, mathematical computation, core life skills, and entrepreneurship. You will also be exposed to theories and practices in virtualization, software engineering, cloud computing, cloud security and privacy, mobile application development, blockchain technologies, etc.
Your journey will start with learning some fundamentals of programming. It will gradually be extended to advanced computing concepts and mathematics-based techniques. This programme offers concrete groundwork for comprehensive knowledge in the field of Computer Science.


What are your career opportunities?

Computer science is vast, and the graduates are luring prospects when it comes to pursuing a programme in this domain. Research in this field can be pursued for a money-spinning career. You may find several openings in multinational companies dealing with computer hardware systems, networking systems, design and development companies, software development companies, to name a few. Computer Programmers, Scientist, Systems Analyst, Systems integrator are a few job positions out of many others that can be interesting to the aspirants. 
The continuing research in artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality is introducing growing prospects for computer scientists. As a Systems Analyst, you may be designing computer systems using data-modeling, which are crucial for the establishment’s operations. As a hardware engineer, you might be utilizing your problem-solving skills to improvise the components, layout, and design for improved performance and efficiency. Computer science can make you vulnerable to many diverse industries like Health, Education, and Gaming, etc. as we live in the Digital Age. 


Middle East College (MEC) aligned its programmes with the ever-developing world. It addressed the job market’s real needs, as it recently added a new programme in Computer Science with pathways in Computer Science, Information Security, and Data Analytics. The programme offered in an academic partnership with Coventry University, UK, one of the best universities worldwide, ensures an enriching and powerful education journey for its students. 


Computer Science


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