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A truly unique and breathtaking experience! by Aiman Firdous

Aiman Firdous

Education is a journey to be ridden by those who seek to achieve something and serve the world by making it a better place to live in. I have always dreamt about completing my higher education, gain more knowledge and become a skilled and talented person in a way that would allow me to find and create more opportunities for myself. 
Three years back; I started my studies at one of the most well-known private colleges in the Sultanate and I have never regretted the day I joined it. Middle East College (MEC) was the starting point for me. I was amazed by the college’s campus and the sense of being a part of the MEC family made me feel overwhelmed. As there were a variety of study options available at MEC, in different fields, which included Engineering, Sciences and Technology, and Business and Management, I was able to think and choose my specialization carefully. 
What I have also liked is, that the college has strong academic and professional partnerships to allow and help the students gain the best knowledge and live a true educational experience. My experience at MEC has taught me that learning comes not only through academics but also by participating in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 
Here at MEC, we have a diverse culture of students and staff and we are one big MEC family. The chance of meeting new people and working in different environments with the faculty and students will certainly help me a lot in future. MEC has provided me several opportunities to develop and enrich my professional and co-curricular skills. All these aspects of MEC have transformed me immensely. It has been a truly unique and breath-taking experience!

Aiman Firdous

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