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At MEC, learning starts with you!

MEC supports an active learning environment and encourages academic
success of all students through provision of various resources.

Classrooms and Laboratories

MEC believes in student centric learning and active engagement through activity based and project-based learning. Hence a wide variety of resources are available to provide hands-on training for the students to apply their knowledge. Therefore, extra spacious classrooms and laboratories have been built to accommodate the growing number of students still keeping the standard strength of the students in view. The classrooms and labs are well-ventilated and have latest centralized cooling system to create an environment congenial to studies. The classrooms are fully equipped with sophisticated projectors and sound system. The laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and software to support the creative abilities of students and meet the needs of current technological developments. Students can carry out hands on training and gain extensive practical knowledge through project and practical sessions.

Computer facilities

Studying at the college provides access to a wealth of learning resources and the latest computer hardware and software.

For starters, you will get:

  • Free use of extensive computer facilities: Around 1000 PCs exclusively for students use with many specialist computer suites are available.
  • Access to a wide variety of the latest standard and specialized software on student computers.
  • Extensive wireless network on campus – free access to the Internet and MEC online resources across the campus where and when it suits you.
  • IT “Help desks” to help with all computer and network queries.
  • Labs with “Sun thin client systems” allows you to work on your personal account.
  • Email services and personalized file storage space for saving work that can be accessed as required.
  • A dedicated support team and computing resources for research activities.

MEC Library

The Middle East College (MEC) library has two floors covering an area of 2400 sq. m. The ground floor is meant for group studies, while the first floor is for individual reading. MEC library is the largest libraries among the private higher education institution libraries in the Sultanate of Oman. It provides a variety of facilities, resources and services. The library is committed to support all the students and fulfill their requirements by making available a wide range of print and electronic resources, and by offering a variety of services, state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure.

The library resources fulfill the curriculum requirements and enhance learners’ knowledge beyond the domain of study and research. Both print and electronic versions of information resources are acquired to keep the library collection up-to-date. The electronic resources which consist of 5 databases are accessible within and from outside the campus. Learners can also browse the library OPAC through the library portal and locate the required books on the shelves. They are given training sessions and support on the usage of OPAC and the e-library. The electronic resources which consist of three databases are accessible within and from outside the campus. The e-library has been improved to match the students’ needs. Journals, books, and case studies are at their fingertips. With one click, the students can search all databases using federated search, more databases and more content within each database. MEC is also a member of Masader which has been developed by the OMREN to be a national virtual library in the Sultanate of Oman to connect the Academic and research institutes.

Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Al Rusayl
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