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Vibrant Campus Life

Discover Your Passion at MEC Campus

Being a student is an exciting experience.

But, like most new experiences, it can sometimes be challenging. Participating in student activities is more than just having fun.

Student activities give you a free platform to showcase your talent, skills, and innovations. Campus life is more than classrooms and assignments. Student activities help you build a better character and personality and form a better understanding of life. Wouldn’t you like to become a role model among your peers, develop your skills and further improve your personality?

Over 700 extracurricular and co-curricular activities in 2020-21

  1. MEC Clubs

    At MEC we focus on your talent as a future leader in your field, so we provide different clubs to suit your needs:

    • Computing
    • Electronics Club
    • Mechanical Club
    • Civil Club
    • Business Club
    • ARM Club
    • Postgraduate Club
  2. MEC Society

    Societies at MEC are generic in nature and students from any specialisation can join a society based on their interests and talents

    • MEC Rover clan
    • Art and craft society
    • Drama and Music society
    • Literary and Debating society
    • Photography society
    • Health. Safety and Environment society
    • Sport society
  3. Sports Activities

    MEC encourages its students to actively participate in sports activities.

    The indoor multi-sports area provides facilities for staff and students to organise and play indoor games such as football, volley ball, tennis and badminton. The prior booking option facilitates separate timings for men and women. The Sports Hall is also used by external groups for conducting sports and games.

  4. Cultural Activities

    MEC facilitates the formation of several student clubs and provides these clubs the required support for holding a wide variety of cultural events throughout the academic year.

    that greatly enrich the student experience and enhance fellowship between students, teachers, well-wishers and participants from the society. These activities are designed to integrate the academic and social aspects of life on campus and reflect the institution's commitment to the furtherance of the all-round development of the student.

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