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Funding Opportunities

Sl. No. Funding Agency Category Description Weblink to apply
1 CRDF Global Fellowships & Funding Opportunities CRDF is an Independent and non-profitable organization intended to create and enhance the opportunities through Science and Innovation particularly in security, economic progress, and health. The funding opportunities cover travel grant for attending conference and event, business plan, fellowships, research grants, trainings, upgrades and many more.   Click to apply
2 Research operations office  Research professional Funding opportunities Database The office has created a database to manage the research funding opportunities in all disciplines. This professional extensive database is designed to assist any individual for research funding opportunities and news items on research and provide relevant content to you as per the requirement.  Click to apply
3 Foundation Directory Online (FDO) FDO Essential FDO is to define the quality funding prospects for your research. It also provides an easiest search result for the proposal and delivers the information required for fundraising with optimal details.  Click to apply
4 Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Education Research and Training Grant programs The IES provides funding opportunities and competitions released on rolling basis. The IES is responsible to provide scientific evidence in education practice and policy useful to educators, public and researchers.   The competitions and research funding are on updated themes of research for sustainable society. Click to apply
5 Climate Program Office (CPO) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) RISA and science collaboration program The office provides competitive research programs for advancement in scientific understanding, monitoring and prediction in Earth’s climate system. It covers any proposal with respect to ocean, land, and atmosphere to quantify the changes over time in Earth’s climate system. Its unique value is to build sustainable society to make effective decisions. Click to apply
6 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) MSCA- Horizon MSCA is a program designed to support excellence in research and innovation. The program helps researchers to equip with new knowledge and skill which can foster research cooperation in different disciplines. The funding opportunity program support doctoral and post-doctoral training across the globe. Click to apply