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MEC Alumni

MEC has a dedicated office to engage with our Alumni. This Alumni outreach office engages with our Alumni members to maintain their data after graduation and invite them to participate in various activities inside and outside the college such as community outreach projects.

The office helps the Alumni members with the following services:

  • Providing internship letters for the alumni
  • Booking the college's facilities for alumni events
  • Ensuring that the priority is for the college's alumni in recruiting and employing for the vacancies inside the college
  • Participating in the different activities, events, and programmes organized by the college
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Alumni Association:

The Alumni Association was established in 2008 as a forum to create and maintain the strong connections with the college’s alumni. The association aims at providing a platform for all the graduates of MEC to meet at one place, share their experiences, provide them with all the possible opportunities and strengthen their profile.


  1. Alumni Café: This event aims to gather the alumni in a friendly discussion session on a monthly basis. Each session will be hosting expert people to discuss various topics in different fields.
  2. Alumni Community Outreach Projects: This activity aims at engaging the alumni with the community throughout the various community outreach programmes and projects. The college is keen on developing the well to serve and help the community in its students and alumni.
  3. Annual Alumni Gathering:  This event aims to gather the alumni and graduates from different batches under the same umbrella to share their experiences and updates with each other and re-establish their connections and relationships.
  4. Workshops: The association organizes different workshops in various fields for the students to help them develop their skills, abilities, and knowledge. The association also organizes workshops presented by the alumni in different areas.
  5. Sports gathering:  The college seeks to involve and engage the students and alumni in various activities including the sports activities and gatherings which are held at the Sports Hall in the Student Hub.
  6. Alumni story: The association believes that there are lots of inspiring stories with the alumni, so it tries to provide a platform for the alumni to share their stories with the students in order to inspire other and create a good effect on their journey.


Contact us:

Shamsa Al Mahrooqi
Alumni Affairs Officer
Room no: Hub 107. 
Email: salmahrooqi@mec.edu.om  
Tel: 00968 24531752