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Despite the difficult journey, the success was gratifying – Rashid AL Shehimi

Despite the difficult journey, the success was gratifying - Rashid AL Shehimi
Despite the difficult journey, the success was gratifying - Rashid AL Shehimi

I joined the Mechanical Engineering programme at Middle East College as a part-time student as I worked in a government office. Studying the Mechanical Engineering Programme was challenging to me not only financially but also in managing my time while I was responsible for my own family and office duties.

In spite of this, the mechanical engineering and other professional and support office staff helped me overcome the challenges and graduate with remarkable results.

Here, I should point out the accomplishment of my final year project and the unconstrained and priceless assistance provided by my project supervisor, Dr. Fiseha M. Guangul, an assistant professor at MEC, as well as other staff of the programme. ‘Experimental Study of Solar-Powered Automatic Water Generation in Oman’ was the project’s title. The experimental study and analysis of water production from ambient air was only one aspect of the investigation. In addition, I developed the experimental configuration for the test. The experiment results were quite informative and can be used as a foundation for more extensive research on a larger scale.

Based on the study’s findings, a proposal was submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MOHERI) for the Upgrade Programme 2023 call, which reached the final stage, with the goal of turning the graduating project into a successful business startup to enhance Oman’s socioeconomic situation.

The research results were also presented at ICACME 2022 (International Conference on Advances and Creations in Mechanical Engineering 2022). The conference proceeding focuses on the publication of the work in the International Journal of Ethics in Engineering & Management Education-IJEEE.

My experience at MEC was very rewarding and memorable. The Mechanical Engineering Lab has a fantastic infrastructure. I left the college not just with impressive successes on my resume but also with excellent subject-matter expertise, self-assurance, and a sincere sense of personal growth.

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