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“MBA in Information Technology has enhanced my Project Management skills” Hind Al Balushi

“MBA in Information Technology has enhanced my Project Management skills” Hind Al Balushi

I have always had this dream of studying abroad in an institution of good repute. When I started doing some research on higher education institutions suitable for my purposes, I first heard about Middle East College which is affiliated to Coventry University, UK. I found that it is one of the leading higher education institutions in the Sultanate of Oman, offering postgraduate programmes in various promising fields.

I can attest to the great academic experience in MEC. I was able to expand my skills and knowledge and overcome any hurdles in the way of earning my MBA in Information Technology, one of the most sought after programmes for the job market.

Balancing personal, professional, and study life was one of the challenges I had to encounter. Thanks to the Part Time mode of study that I could opt for and the tremendous support from the faculty at MECI was able to succeed in my academic journey. Various co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as opportunities to engage in hosting industry expert sessions and participate in research grants contributed to our success and enriched our academic journey.

As graduate students, we are grateful for the innumerable opportunities provided to us to develop and demonstrate our creative abilities through education and scientific research, innovation, and community service.

MEC inspired me to learn more and think critically, especially as it enhanced my reading and scientific research skills. For me, this is the most valuable gift that a higher education can bestow as I am now passionate about reading and learning.

My knowledge and experience was not limited to academic aspect; I also participated in community service activities and symposiums that has made me realise my responsibility in contributing to my community and the world.





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