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Shima Al-Mandhari: Success Originates from your Thinking!

مركز النجاح الطلابي، حياة الطلبة

Everything around us goes through stages and processes, just like our attitude, understanding, and physiological development, since the very beginning of life. There are phases that people go through, hoping and holding on to their ambition, to achieve their goals.

Failure is nothing but an outcome of a situation full of challenges, testing your perseverance, and determination, often ending with accomplishment.  You can only plan for success with a firm will, as no one is to be blamed for failing except you. Each of us has weaknesses which may affect what we experience; a negative result in academic performance in a particular subject, or a not so enriching learning environment, that even the diligent, hard-working student may experience. The trick is to address the hurdles/ problems and overcome the unpleasant emotions in order to achieve excellence. They have been described here as ‘emotions’ because they’re temporary feelings we bring upon ourselves, allowing them to harbour inside us leading to defeat or failure.

You have to fight these emotions and stop them from making you feel the temptation to become reluctant and slack. Identify the factors hindering you from realising your potential which can cause an unintended low academic performance. Work hard to understand how to transform that potential into a major driver for your talent and effort, and resolve the issue tenaciously by reflecting it in your academic performance and in your confidence during exams and presentations. Try to be an active member in student activities that can enhance your abilities and open up prospects for radical change in yourself and your thinking.

Have you ever seen a pilot flying with no itinerary or flight plan? If you know the answer to this then try to identify your goals, manage your time according to an elaborate plan, and outline your career with a clear life vision and goals. Trust me, our brains are ready to receive signals and alerts, as long as our subconscious mind transmits our ambitions and plans to meet targets which would naturally occur based on our goals and vision.

Believe in yourself, and stop putting yourself down due to emotions that undermine your abilities and capacity for success. Recite phrases like “I can”, “I am capable”, and “I will do it”. Do not reiterate the dream-killing phrase, “I cannot”. Boost your self-confidence and don’t let what others say affect you, and the counterproductive opinions and criticism they give you, tear down the power you’ve built after getting rid of the weakness within.

Befriend positive, ambitious people, and those who have the energy and vision for a bright future. Always prioritise your studies, hold on to talents that express your personality, and look up to someone you can derive your strength from and be your motivation for success.

Always remember that morality is the highest virtue. Never let go of the ethics that make you a likeable, thriving person, and that have a positive impact on you and those around you.


Shima Nasser Al-Mandhari
Senior Academic Advisor, Student Success Centre, Middle East College

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