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Social Distancing: Living in the Here and Now – Inziya Zehra

Inziya Zehra

We are living in unprecedented times and none of us is entirely equipped to deal with this situation, cut off from meeting people, some of us quarantining alone and some with pets or loved ones. We are isolating to ‘flatten the curve’ and to protect ourselves and others.

However, we are not human if we do not notice the silver linings in the clouds of today. It is our very nature to want to rise above our circumstances and achieve our goals, even from the confines of our homes. Therefore, just because we are to avoid exploring the ‘Great Outdoors’ doesn’t mean we can’t do amazing stuff even now.

So in these tiresome times, it is essential to avoid the slump of inactivity. We have so much time on our hands time that we crave during our hectic routines every day. Use this time wisely. Some of the most obvious ways to avoid the slump may include (at the expense of sounding like an insufferable know-it-all):

  • Find something creative to do. Go crazy with colours and art, and be proud of whatever you create.
  • Regularly attend your online classes/meetings. These will provide a sense of purpose in otherwise listless days.
  • Consider learning a new skill. Many online courses are now free for the lockdown period. If there was ever a better time to learn something, it’s now!
  • Maintain a clean living space. As annoying as that sounds, a clean house is a happy house. Organised quarters lead to increased creative energy, which harmed no one.

It is also very important to maintain social contact (and yes, it can be done without leaving your house). Spend time with those quarantined with you, play some indoor games, cook and dine together, read together. Paint and watch TV. Make some of the best memories of your lives in these times with the ones you love most.

With the prevailing uncertainty and the realization of how fleeting life really is, pick up the phone and call whoever you’ve drifted apart from due to the manic pace of everyday life. Have a video chat with family who you haven’t seen in a while, forgive those whom you’ve fallen out with. This period of isolation can be exquisite as a time of forgiveness so we remember this as an era of the very best the human race had to offer. 

So the next time you want to spend the entire day in bed for a ‘Netflix and Chill’, go ahead! But balance it with a period of productivity as well so that at the end of the day, you feel good about what you’ve achieved.

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