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The year when strangers become a family! – Arya Virmani

آريا، طالبة، طلبة دوليين، كلية الشرق الأوسط

My first year at MEC was the best. It was the year when the people you don’t know to become your family. At first, I was nervous about adjusting to the new environment because I knew no one at the college. But on my first day at MEC, I had a great experience; it felt like I knew the faculty from before. They were friendly and helpful. Then I met new friends and started talking to them slowly, and gradually, I developed a bond with them. Since then, memories were created in different locations and situations like meetings over food at the cafeteria or attending various Student Hub events. 
I loved every moment being at the college, clicked various pictures, found many friends from different nationalities, and made many memories with them, which I will cherish forever. I enjoyed the variety of activities. Starting with MEC got Talent and the MEC Carnival at the Plaza, the fantastic art and craft summits, and numerous sports events at MEC. We enjoyed every bit of these events together and made a lot of memories. 
My academic journey is advancing smoothly because of my teachers and also my friends! The library we have at MEC is fantastic and peaceful to have some personal study sessions or studying in a group! 
During this current situation also, I made a great bond with my friends and are still connected via messaging or group calling. Whenever we get some exciting news or something interesting, we share it. We have become like a small family, and this great bond is what I want forever.

My first year was the best year to date, and I hope to make it even more memorable in the coming years!

Arya Virmani
A student at MEC


MEC, campus, life, college


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