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Advanced Standing Admission


If a candidate is already enrolled in an academic programme in another college or university and is seeking admission for a particular programme in Middle East College, then they will be considered as an advanced standing student. Such students will have to undergo an exemption process, in which the student will be required to submit their original transcripts from the current/previous institution, and course description of the course studied for an evaluation as per the academic rules and regulation. All applications for exemptions shall be reviewed by relevant academic departments as per MEC regulations. 


Exemption/Transfers applicant

Previously undertaken modules are evaluated individually and a decision on exemption is reached, the candidate will be informed on the number of modules s/he will be exempted from and the number of modules that he/she would have to study. Exemptions are usually recommended to candidates who have passed similar modules in another institution with at least 75% of the components/content matching.

- Admission to MEC is subject to institutional policy and approval by faculty members concerned.