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MEC's response to COVID-19

Middle East College is vigilantly monitoring and responding to the ongoing Novel corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. This webpage will keep you informed with important updates from MEC in line with the COVID-19 situation.

Our thoughts are with every member of the community as we continue to confront the unprecedented and evolving global challenges posed by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and its impact on our lives.

Please adhere to all precautionary and preventive measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Practice and preach (to your community and family through mechanisms that ensure social distancing measures) those health and safety directions of Supreme Committee and the Government authorities. The Health and Well-being of the entire MEC community is our primary concern.

Our Education journey will continue…

MEC fights against COVID-19

News Updates

Middle East College announces Assessment Approach and Supportive measures for Spring 2020 and Summer2020. (19th April 2020)
Live video lectures introduced after TRA's decision to lift ban on such technologies. (19th March 2020)
Online learning introduced to continue study. (15th March 2020)
Classes on Campus suspended for a month. (14th March 2020)


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

- last updated on 18 May

We’ve introduced online learning support to help you continue your study to keep you engaged with your studies during the period of suspension,. If you miss out sessions or don’t have the opportunity to learn at all throughout this period, you will have opportunities later after the period of suspension of study. Our faculty members will be touch with you to give you a good learning experience for the time available. As students who are used to online tools and committed to lifelong learning. We are confident that you will try hard to make use of the system. Let us work together. After the period of suspension, we will provide all students all the support as usual to complete your studies. Your assessments, labs, etc. will be appropriately planned after the period of the suspension.

Why is it important to engage with online learning during the period of suspension of study on campus?
What does the move to online learning mean for the remainder of this term?
What resources are available to help me continue my study online? How do I find information about using the tools and resources?
Do I need to download any additional tools to engage in online learning?
Any guidelines on the lab hours or hands-on learning during the period of suspension of study on campus?
Are we sticking to the same class timetable as before?
Will all the assessment schedule be changed?
Do I need to upload my assignments to Moodle as per the weekly schedule before?
How do I manage my group assessments during this period?
I am unable to visit the company/government agency to complete my live project. What can I do in this situation?
What are the options if my study has been specifically impacted by COVID-19 infection?
I’m facing difficulties to follow-up with online learning mode. How will I be supported?
I’m unable to connect/engage with online learning due to infrastructural issues. How will I be supported?
Am I allowed to visit the faculty member on campus if any need arises?
Is attendance mandatory for online classes?
Any guidelines on continuing my internship during the period of suspension of study on campus?
How can I access the library resources on campus?
How can I extend the due date of my library book? How do I pay fines, if any?
Will I be able to access the e-resources from home?
Is it permitted to isit the campus and use the lab facilities during the period of suspension of study on campus?
What all student support services are offered during the period of suspension of study on campus?
How do I seek support from Centre for Academic Writing?
How do I seek support from the Student Success Centre (SSC)?
How can I avail the services offered by the Registration department?
How do I raise a grievance in the current situation?
Can I book the sports hall or auditorium during the period of suspension of study on campus?
How can I request the support of IT services during the period of suspension of study on campus?
I am an International Student and my Visa is getting expired in few days. How do I renew my Visa?
Have you cancelled all the events and activities on Campus?
Have you cancelled the International Student exchange programme for the term?
How does it affect the point system?
Can I stay in the hostel during the period of suspension?
Will I be charged for my hostel accommodation during the period of suspension?
How do I make the fee payment ?
What do I do in case I’m facing some financial hardship during this period?

Let us all maintain good hygiene and follow social distancing protocols to protect ourselves and others from getting sick. Please watch the videos given below which guides us with measures to help protect against COVID-19 infection.


Video published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in English: 


Video published by the Ministry of Health, Oman in Arabic: 


DISCLOSE the required information with Ministry of Health (24441999 or 1212) when symptoms appear on you or any family members
DON’T PANIC. Be prudent and help limit the spread of COVID-19
PRACTICE social distancing by avoiding shaking hands, hugging and maintaining a safe distance from others.
AVOID gatherings and crowded places
WASH your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
AVOID touching your eyes, nose or mouth with hands.
STAY INDOORS during weekends, holidays, after work and/or as per the directives of competent authorities.

AVOID visiting public places and markets unless extremely necessary.
SPREAD awareness about COVID-19 among your family members.
COVER your sneeze or cough with a tissue.
DISPOSE OF used tissues or similar materials immediately after use.
AVOID close contact with people who are sick with symptoms.
Communication with College: We recommend that you contact your faculty members, Heads of academic departments, and other staff members using emails or through official portals in the case of IT services. You could also contact Student Experience Office (studentexperienceoffice@mec.edu.om), if required. However, in cases of an emergency, you may contact the following numbers between 8 am and 4 pm on working days.

General Foundation Programme

24531 732 / 733

Undergraduate Programmes

24531 755 / 763

Postgraduate Programmes

24531 735 / 736



Useful Contacts


Registration Office : RegistrationOffice@mec.edu.om

Accounts Office : AccountsOffice@mec.edu.om

For Moodle Support : Moodlesupport@mec.edu.om

For IT services related matters : Support@mec.edu.om

Assessments Office : assessmentoffice@mec.edu.om

Students Success Center :SSC@mec.edu.om

Admission Office :Admissions@mec.edu.om